Magic Colors and Numbers! Learn with Groovy The Martian who transforms into Paint Brush and Numbers

  • Diupload pada 30 Apr 2018

    Let's learn the colors and numbers with our little magic friend Groovy. He will transform into a paint brush and paint with different colors:
    Red, like miraculous ladybug or a strawberry.
    Orange, like the beautiful fox or the delicious tangerine.
    Yellow, like chicks or bananas.
    Green, like our little friend Groovy, a frog or the inside of a kiwi. And broccoli!
    Blue, like the baby shark or the blueberries.
    And pink! Like the flamingo or the pitahaya! haha and like Pops!
    Learning is so fun!

    Groovy The Martian teaches your kids in a funny way: Kids and babies can learn everything about numbers also in this episode! Groovy will transform into numbers:
    One... Puppy
    Two... Flowers
    Three... Monkeys
    Four... Penguins
    Five... Baby shark
    Six... Birds
    Seven... Ducks
    Eight... Vegetables for healthy kids!
    Nine... Cars
    Ten... Dinosaurs!
    So fun!

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